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Salesperson? Not Me!

Who amongst us considers themselves to be a salesperson?   If you answered, not me, I’ve got news for you.  Whether we like it or not, we are all salespeople.  The word “salesperson” developed a negative connotation some time ago, but it shouldn’t be that way.  The majority of salespeople are kind, people oriented, and focused on the solving the problems of prospective clients.  They are professional, knowledgeable and fountains of useful advice.  Where would the world be today if there were no salespeople?  Sales are all about matching solutions to situations to create a positive experience for all parties involved.  You are a salesperson whether you realized it or not.  If you’ve ever had a date, gotten married or made a new friend you can say you are a successful salesperson at that!

Business people must be salespeople in order to grow their businesses.  It is a necessary skill when it comes to attracting new customers; creating partnerships with others, finding talented people and convincing them work for you, and meeting new people.  You must work to hone your sales skills to their sharpest to be a successful business person.  I have consistently observed that the most successful small businesses have a great salesperson at the helm.  They are able to lead a team of others and inspire them to become great salespeople as well.  They understand the needs of the market and are able to position their company to fulfill those needs.

What does it take to be a great salesperson?  It takes integrity, a charming personality, the ability to understand the needs of others, and passion.  This week’s tip is about the kind of person you need to become to be a great salesperson.  We can all become that person; some of us just have to work harder at it than others.

One of my favorite ways to work on these skills is by asking myself some questions.  They are very effective if you ask them right before a sales call.

Ask yourself – Do I possess these attributes?

  • Do I have a contagious, positive attitude?
  • Am I self-assured, but not arrogant?
  • Do I genuinely like people and do they like me?
  • Am I having fun?  If not, why am I doing it?
  • Am I visibly honest and operating with unspoken integrity?
  • Do I get excited about the prospect of helping others?

Another key question is – Do I believe in what I sell and do I enjoy what I’m doing?  If not, it is almost impossible to be successful.  Sales are about honesty and you won’t get far selling a product or service that you do not genuinely believe in.

Review these questions when you about to go on a sales call.  Think about what you can do to be the best salesperson you can.  It is a valuable tool that I use to put myself in the right frame of mind.  Hope they work for you as well.


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