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What Makes a Great Leader?

We see plenty of books, talks, articles, symposiums and interviews about the importance of great leadership.  What does it take to be a great leader?  We all need to be leaders in our businesses in order to be successful.  Whether we have employees or not, it is essential to develop the qualities of a leader in ourselves in order to build a successful business.  Leadership is much more than how you manage your employees.  It goes to the heart of your company.  Great company leaders inspire their teams, improve the communities in which they operate, and often create lasting change in the world around them.  Are you working to become the best leader you can?

What are the qualities of a great leader?

  • Humility – You don’t need to tell everyone how great you are.  They will see you and your team for themselves
  • Passion – Believe in and enjoy what you are doing and it will shine through to others.
  • Integrity – Deal honestly with yourself and with those around you.
  • Responsibility – This includes taking responsibility for your failures as well as your successes.
  • Vision – If you know where you are going, others will follow.

These are just a few of the qualities of a great leader.  What can you do to develop them within yourself?

Humility can be developed simply by taking the time to recognize the contributions of others all around you.  Pay attention to the accomplishments of others.  Passion requires that you find the business that fuels your dreams.  Hopefully, you have found that business, but if not you need to keep searching.  Passion can’t be faked.  Integrity means being honest.  A great exercise for this is to spend a week being 100% honest all the time.  This means no blaming it on traffic when you were just running late.  It does not mean hurting people by becoming compelled to point out all their flaws.  You should, however, be honest with your opinions, when asked, in a tactful manner.  Responsibility means accepting both your successes and your failures.  You must look within and control your circumstances before they control you.  Vision is a wonderful thing.  To develop a strong vision, you need to look into the future and define what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

When you spend the time to actively work on developing these traits you are working to become a better leader.  The ability to lead and inspire will take you and your business to new heights and put you in the company of some of the greatest people to have ever lived.



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