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Are You a Victim or a Victor?

The choice is yours in life and in business whether to be a victim or a victor.  Too many people choose to be a victim and then wonder why they are not successful.  Victors make things happen.  Victims let things happen to them.  Which do you want to be?

To become a victor the first thing you have to do is stop the moaning and complaining about how tough business is and all the factors that are preventing you from being a success and try to embrace the concept of playing above the line and controlling your own destiny.  Believe it or not, there are many people who seem to succeed in every climate many a company that has not only survived, but actually thrived during difficult economic times.

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t?

The victors (those who succeed) stay above the line and do what it takes to succeed.

Here is the concept:

Behaving and thinking above the line takes:




Which bring you results and make you a victor

Behaving and thinking below the line Uses:




Which are really just reasons for failure and make you a victim

Reasons are just a fancy word for excuses.  Where do you want to be?  You can blame others, blame the economy, and look for reasons not to succeed or you can take ownership of your decisions and actions and do the things necessary to become a success.

Do you want to stay in BED or take the OAR and steer your own ship?  The choice is yours.

The thought process of a victor is different from that of a victim.  They don’t look to others for blame and they react accordingly when the environment changes.  They don’t sit in their empty store wondering why no customers show up.  They look at their assortment and determine what they need to change to make it more appealing to their potential customers.  They embrace the concepts of ownership, accountability and responsibility.

Ownership says the results you achieve are a result of your own thinking, planning and actions.  They are not affected by events out of your control.  When forces seem to conspire against you, you take control of the situation and react accordingly.

Accountability is the act of creating a plan for yourself and your actions and then getting those things done, no matter what.  You wouldn’t give excuses to your boss about why you didn’t get the work done (I hope) so don’t allow yourself to not do those things you need to do to succeed.

Responsibility is about fully understanding that you and you alone control what happens to you.   Yes, things can go wrong that you can’t control accidents happen every day.   But how you react when things happen is all about taking responsibility.  When you fall down, do you just sit there and wait for someone to help you or do you get up, brush yourself off and continue on?  My son one time fell and injured himself while no one was home.  He lay in driveway for a few minutes and then realized no one was going to miraculously show up and treat him, so he got up and called me to ask how to treat his scraped knee.  That is taking responsibility.

Hopefully, you will choose to say above the line and become a victor.  I look forward to your success.

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