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What Kinds of Customers Are You Attracting?

Are you attracting the customers you want?  Do you enjoy the customers you have?  Are they your best customers or have you settled for whoever you could get?  A successful, profitable business relies on a steady stream of the right customers.

How do you get the customers you want, and deserve?  Are you randomly stabbing at the marketplace or do you have a method and a plan for getting the type of customer you want to work with?  If you want to attract the ideal client you need to develop a specific plan to achieve that.

Here are some tips for attracting the ideal client:

  • First, decide who your ideal client is and write it down.  What sizes are they, where do they operate, what do they look like, etc?  Don’t be afraid to be too specific.  The more detailed you are, the easier it is to market to them.
  • Next, make sure everyone in your sphere of influence knows exactly who you are looking to meet.  The easiest way to do this is to tell them.  One way to find out if you have been specific enough is to ask your partners and alliances who they think a good client for you is.
  • Find out where you can interact with people who fit your description of the ideal client and attend those functions as well.  Determine what they read and listen to and find out how you can use that medium to market to them.
  • Finally, look at yourself and your business and make sure you present yourself and your business in a fashion that would attract those people.

Clarity is a key element in finding the clients you want.  Once you are clear on whom you are trying to meet, and your actions are in line with that, it’s easy to find the ideal customer.  Many business owners are hesitant to narrowly define their market for fear that they will miss potential clients.  Don’t let FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) get in the way.  The reality is that you will always attract some customers outside of your target.

Having unprofitable customers does not lead to a profitable business.  In 2007 Sprint dropped 1000 customers because it determined they were unable to meet their wireless needs.  They realized that these customers called frequently to complain and they were unable to satisfy them.  Rather than continue to expend time and resources to work with customers they could not satisfy, they chose to let them move on.  How many of your customers are actually profitable?

To attract profitable clients you must first understand who they are.  Look through your current database of clients and find the common denominator.  Use that to develop your customer profile and create marketing campaigns to attract those customers.


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