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Start the New Year Off Right

Ready or not, the New Year is here – are you ready?  Well, that line applies to you if you bought this book at the beginning of the year.  However, I feel it applies to everyone.  Whenever you have opened this book for the first time, it is intended to be the beginning of a new year for you.  If you are ready, start the year today and this first chapter deals with the first week of your upcoming year.  The secrets to success in the upcoming year are not really secrets, they just take discipline.

Secret #1 – Set Goals and write them down.  It’s the beginning of the year so now is the time to reflect and choose some FIVE year goals.  What does your business and your life look like in 5 years?  Once, you’ve set your FIVE year goals, set some THREE year goals.  Now, take those THREE year goals and determine your ONE year goals.  These should be related to your longer term goals.  Write them down and put them someplace where you will see them every day.  Put them in more than one place if that insures you will see them every day.

Secret #2 – Break your ONE year goals down into quarterly objectives.  What do you need to achieve each quarter to reach your goals?  A quarter is thirteen weeks and I will remind you every thirteen weeks to update your goals and objectives for the upcoming quarter.  You need to review your progress every quarter.  This will keep you on track throughout the year.  If you wait until the end of the year to measure your progress you may find it is too late to achieve those goals.

Secret #3 – Create an action plan.  What are the activities you need to do each week to accomplish your objectives?  The most important activities on your action plan are those that lead to an improved bottom line.  Don’t fill your action plan with busy work.  Fill it instead with your top productivity tasks.  If you wait until the end of the quarter to take action it will be quite difficult to reach your goals.  But, if you take action every week, reaching your goals is a snap.

Secret #4 – Schedule the action items in your calendar.  If you treat your activities like appointments, they are far more likely to actually get done.  Check them off as you complete them.  Reschedule any that didn’t get done into the next week.  You must be committed to completing these actions.  Being too busy to get them done will not keep you moving forward toward your goals.

Secret #5 – Have some accountability.  Share your goals and action plan with someone and ask them to hold you accountable. Don’t keep your goals to yourself, tell someone important to you so they can help keep you on track. It’s much easier to let yourself off the hook than explain to someone else why you aren’t working your plan.

That’s five simple secrets to success.  This book is full of helpful tips for you to use every week, but thirteen weeks from now, I will be checking in and reminding you to set your 2nd quarter goals.  The first week has already begun so get cracking on those goals and plans.


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