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Are You in Panic Mode?

“Faith is the refusal to panic.” D. martyn Lloyd-Jones

One of my clients shared this quote with me and I think it really sums up the way you should be running your business.

How much time are you spending in panic mode vs. time spend working the plan that you have for your business?

If you had faith in your plan and your business, you really would not be spending very much time in panic mode.  The occasional miscue, unexpected event or bump in the road would not send you panicing because you would have a plan for what to do when those things occur.

How do you have faith and avoid panic?

  1. Have faith – believe in your product, service and business overall.  You cannot be effective if you don’t feel you have the right concept at the right time.  If you can’t find faith here, you better seriously consider what you are doing in business.
  2. Have faith in your plan – develop a strong, implementable plan.  I am not talking about the business plan you wrote for the bank loan, although that’s a start.  I am referring your overall business strategy that you are writing each year and refining each quarter.  This should include production, marketing, sales, operations and growth projections as well as contingency plans for emergencies.  A well written plan inspires a lot of faith.
  3. Have faith in your people – if you don’t believe they can do their jobs well, why are you surrounded by them.  Hire the right people, train them properly and then let them do their jobs.
  4. Have faith in yourself – I left this one for last, because it is most important.  Stop the self-sabbotaging and believe you can do whatever it is you have set out today.

When you are operating in panic mode you continually make bad decisions.  Nobody wants to business with someone who doesn’t believe in the viability of their business and is operating from a place of panic.  Would you?  You must have faith in what you are doing in order to be successful and sell it to others.  Believe in your business, your plan, your people and, most importantly, yourself.

I learned a long time ago that no matter what you think you are selling – goods, services, solutions, etc, – what you are actually selling is faith.  It is the faith that the product will work and the services will solve their problems.  Faith is at the heart of all commerce.  So find your own faith first and then you can sell it to others.  You will only panic when you have lost the faith.

In closing, have a great week and stay out of panic mode.  It is a waste of your time and energy.



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