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6 Keys to a Winning Team

Creating the right team is a vital step in growing a successful business.  You hear business owners all the time bemoaning the fact that they can’t recruit, train and retain the right employees.  What are the secrets to creating a great team?  Great leaders build a great team around them.  To be successful in business, you must find the right people, give them the training they need and build a great team.

There are 6 key areas necessary to build a winning team – how many of them are you doing successfully and which do you need to work on?  Learn these keys and develop a plan to implement them and you will have a great team around you that can take you to new heights.

The 6 Keys are:

1. Strong Leadership – it starts at the top

2. Common Goal – everyone needs to be working toward the same end

3. Rules of the Game – make the expectations clear

4. Action Plan – what is everyone supposed to be doing?

5. Support Risk Taking – empower people to come up with new ideas

6. 100% Involvement/Inclusion – make sure everyone is on board

Strong leadership is about you.  A leader empowers and inspires the team.  It is their job to enroll others in the vision for the company.  They must also lead the business by making the right decisions to move things ahead.  Sometimes these are tough choices, but a strong leader will make them objectively and with compassion.

Does everyone on your team know about the goals for the company and your progress toward those goals?  You can’t expect your team to help you achieve your goals if they don’t know what they are.  Be sure to include them in the big picture goals and be sure they understand their role in achieving those goals.  Everyone perform better when they know what they are reaching for.

Have you set the rules of the game?  Be sure everyone knows what behaviors and actions are OK and not OK in your company.  What is the dress code, the hours of work, the expectations for behaviors?  Be sure they are clear and given to everyone.  You can’t expect your team to follow the rules if they are unsure of exactly what they are.

Does everyone on your team have an Action Plan?  Do they know what has to be done every week to insure success at the end?  Be sure everyone is the aware of what they need to be doing on a week by week basis.  Determine deadlines and plan out workflow progress on long projects.  Repetitive actions should be routinized and put on a regular calendar.  Review and update these action plans on a regular basis.

Supporting risk taking means empowering your employees to make decisions and allowing them to solve problems.  We cannot anticipate every situation in advance your team members should be taught to make decisions that solve problems.  Encourage them to present ideas and reward them when they find ways to improve productivity or earn more money for the company.

Finally, be sure you have 100% involvement and inclusion amongst all members of your team.  They need to be working together and supporting the business.  If you leave a few on the sidelines, they will not create the environment needed for success.


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