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The New Definition of Insanity

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

I have a new definition of insanity.  Mine says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing, in a new climate, and expecting the same results. The world around us changes continually and we need to understand and recognize that these changes occur.  Technology changes, products and services go in and out of style and new opportunities arise.   Are you staying current in your business and practices?

We all need to accept that the world around us changes and, it we don’t change with it, we will be left behind.  Don’t believe me?  What became of the typewriter repairman, Sony Beta-Max, or those photo booths in parking lots?  Imagine if you fell asleep 25 years ago and woke up today to find cell phones, the internet, iPods and social networking. Since 1982 these products are all new:  cell phones, laptop computers, Blackberries, debit cards, caller ID, DVD’s, lithium rechargeable batteries, iPods, pay at the pump, digital cameras, flat panel TV’s, electronic tolls, PowerPoint, microwaveable popcorn.  Can you imagine what will happen to your business if you don’t embrace the changes of the next 30 years?  How will you even function?

Here are 5 tips to keep your business, and yourself, current:

  1. Research and pay attention to market trends and react accordingly.  Don’t ignore signs that your business climate is changing.
  2. Embrace new technology, when it makes sense.  Are you using Facebook and Twitter or do you think it’s just for the young?
  3. Be willing to try new things.  What new thing have you tried this year?
  4. Keep up your education.  Are you involved in continual educations – reading books, taking classes, listening to CD’s and DVD’s?
  5. Don’t continue to do the things the way you have always done them.  Continually reevaluate your methods and find tune them.

Paying attention to market trends is growing in importance as the speed of business is rapidly increasing.  Technological changes have created new business opportunities but often those same changes make current business obsolete.  Don’t get left behind and continually update your business model.

New technology can make everyday tasks more efficient, provide new marketing opportunities and improve the way your business operates.  Be sure to keep abreast of new technologies and implement them in your business as soon as it is feasible.

Try new things.  These may be marketing ideas, product ideas, or other opportunities.  You don’t know what’s available until you try it.

Education is a lifelong experience.  The fact that you are ready this indicates your openness to education.  Keep it up.  We can never learn too much.

Reevaluate your methods and routines on a regular basis.  Just because you have always done something in the same way does not mean it’s the best way.  Enlist your team in this as well.  Challenge them to always look for improvements.

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