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Get Rid of Old Ideas

“It is easier for companies to come up with new ideas than to let go of old ones.” – Peter Drucker

Are there old ideas getting in the way of moving forward in your business?  Everyone thinks it is difficult to come up with new ideas to get your business moving forward.  But, most people have new ideas every day.  Take a look at your business and try to discover old ideas that need to go.  We all have them.

How can you find the old ideas that are holding you back? What should you look for?  You need to regularly look at your business practices and determine what needs updating.  The environment changes around us and we need to change with it.  Continuing to stick with the same old ideas will only hold you back.  You need be moving forward in your business at all times and holding onto old ideas will not move you forward.

Something you need to look for is continuing to do something that is not working because that’s the way you’ve always done it. A good example of this would be continuing to use a typewriter when a computer is a much more efficient method.   We can all find things like this in our business but we need to look for them.  What systems do you have in place that don’t really work?

Are you dismissing new ideas because you tried them before and they didn’t work them?  Do you just dismiss them instead of asking – why didn’t they work?  Could it have been the implementation, the timing, or the message?  Maybe it’s time to try them again.  Timing is everything in business and just because you’ve tried it once doesn’t mean your timing was right.  You need to listen to the signs around you and keep trying new ideas.  Most things come in cycles and you may be missing opportunities because you think you’ve already been there and done that.

Relying on an old method or system because it’s working just fine – when was the last time you looked at it?  Could you use it more efficiently?  Does it need updating?  I see this frequently with technology.  You get used to a program or system and don’t update it because you don’t want to learn the new features.  The truth is new features are generally improvements and by not adopting them you are missing out on these improvements.  With computer technology you will find that your current system becomes obsolete quickly if you don’t keep up with the changes.

These are just a few ideas on where to look.  Challenge yourselves this week to find an old idea that no longer works the way it used to and let it go.  It will only make room for new and improved ideas to take its place.  You can’t make room for the new without letting go of some of the old.


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